Weight Loss


All weight loss sessions at Kew Clinical Hypnotherapy are tailored to the needs of each individual.

One or two sessions may be adequate to reduce cravings for chocolate or sweets.  However, we recommend three or more hypnotherapy sessions  for those wanting to reduce more than 10 kilos or for those with emotional eating or binge eating habits.

If you’re significantly overweight or have health issues it’s recommended that you have a health check-up before your first visit.

Feel free to contact Kate to find out more or to book a free 1/2 hour consultation: Phone – 9852 7239

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The article below was reprinted with kind permission from Russell Hoyles, UK Hypnotherapist:

Weight Loss Visualisation

Why Weight Loss Visualisation is Important

Watching an avatar of yourself working out may be a great way to inspire you to lose weight!

Weight Loss Visualisation

I have been reading around the merits of imagery and visualisation in weight loss and in terms of self esteem. Clients will know I refer to the virtues of ‘affect laden imagery’… that emotional pull that a positive vision of yourself nurtured in hypnotherapy affords… and this caught my eye. If we can give ourselves permission to create a really positive image of ourselves and how we look, but also imagine ourselves behaving differently around food then we have I think enhanced potential to lose weight and to keep it off really without ‘trying’ and whilst feeling good, feeling positive!

We know for instance that visualisation in Sports Performance and Exercise Rehearsal in Hypnotherapy stimulates the same neural pathways as actual activity does…………

you can read more here:   http://www.russellhoyles.com/blog/tag/weight-loss-visualisation/


A Recent Testimonial:

Hi Kate –

Thanks so much for checking in !

I have made Tuesdays my weigh in day…. so this morning I weighed myself – I was 2kgs lighter ! YAY !!

I’ve been doing the self hypnosis – not everyday, but every 2nd. It has re-inforced the session you did and I have found it quite easy to do.

Very happy with my progress and feel that you really hit the right note with me.

Looking forward to our second session next Monday at 1pm.

Warm Regards