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Anyone who has ever smoked knows how difficult it can be to stop.  Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy can make stopping easy.  However, although many people say, “It felt like magic, one day I was a smoker, then the next I wasn’t……”, hypnotherapy is not a magic bullet.

I spend quite a bit of time in my practice teaching my clients self-hypnosis techniques, because although the first 3 – 6 weeks can seem easy after quitting, some people will experience occasional cravings after that initial ‘magic feeling’’ fades.

Self-hypnosis helps you control or stop cravings and can be used to motivate yourself to exercise or relax, sleep more deeply and increase your sense of general well-being.

Why do some people go back to smoking after giving up (even after stopping with hypnosis)? There are many reasons but in my opinion it’s the thought, ‘I’ll just have this one…. and no more’.  I always work with clients before the hypnotherapy session and during the session on NOT wanting or needing that one cigarette.  When you quit, you need to be able to say, “This is for life – this is forever.”

The more sure you are that you’re ready to quit then the more likely your success in stopping smoking, permanently.

If you’re not at least 90% sure that you’re ready to quit, and would like some tips/suggestions please call me for a confidential chat;  just let me know that you’re only 80% ready & you’d like some tips to get to 95-98%.

Quitting is not dependent on the number of cigarettes you smoke a day;  it’s dependent on your commitment and desire to stop, permanently.

Smoking Program

First session:  Preparing to quit:  smoking history assessment, hypnotizability assessment (hypnotic susceptibility), & training in using self-hypnosis to prepare to quit or remain a non-smoker for life.

Second session:  Quit smoking Day:  Quit smoking hypnotherapy session.

Follow up sessions ~ only if needed:  quit reinforcement, sleep issues, over-eating issues, or other issues connected with giving up smoking.

Ph: 9852 – 7239  or mob.: 0468 – 353 – 133

Helpful tips to prepare to Quit Smoking

  • drink more water throughout the day

  • reduce caffeine (slowly)

  • write down a list of triggers which cause you to light up

  • each time you light up say something like, “I just don’t enjoy this any more…”

  • find new ways to de-stress: Epsom salts baths, watch a funny movie, go for a walk at least once a day (even if it’s only 10 – 15 minutes) & get plenty of sleep & rest

  • Visualize yourself as a non-smoker in the future and in the past and present!


Hello Kate,
Kate has proven to be a huge support to me in a considerate, non-judgemental way and I can highly recommend her service to anyone who wishes to better their lifestyle. Thank you Kate for giving me the tools to understand why I behave the way that I do and how to rectify aspects that I am unhappy with, you have helped me change my life for the better!!


A Big Thank You
I want to say a big thank you to Kate as I was a two packet a day smoker and never thought that I would be able to quit. Anything I tried in the past has not worked and it’s amazing that in one half of the day you’re a full-on smoker and then after your session, you’re a non-smoker. Again I say, that’s really amazing and a very big thank you, for your dedication and help.
Soula K –